Manis Muda Mudi

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Everythings ab0ut me! =)

 It was August 12 1992, and it was a peaceful usual morning for everybody but who knows, it will be a meaningful moment for a loving couple as they are about to be rewarded a cute baby girl. That happiest and luckiest couple is Abdul Razak and Kintan. At exactly 7.20 am, the mother delivered her baby. This little angel is the symbol of their love, they named the baby Nurhafizah binti Abdul Razak. Yes, that's me! (notice. haha). What a remarkable moment right? =p.LOL. OK let’s continue. Emmm..I have six siblings and i’m fifth. Both my mom and my dad retired as police in Port Klang and now they just spending the rest of their life at home with family. Interesting point to note is that, there is a all time favourite story about me that my mom keep telling us family. It is about my behaviour during my childhood. I’m a bit stubborn and wilful. =p. My mom took an early retirement and the reason she had to do this was ME!...LOL. I always cried when my mom goes to work and it tooks hours to calm me down.(hehehe.not proud of it) and for me this was a significant sacrifice that my mom had done for me. Thank’s mom!! Ok now about my studies. I received my early education at Islamic Abim Kindergarten when I was six. Back at that time, during recess we always had the same quite boring menu which was biscuits and tea. (but still thankful..hehe). But now, I miss all that moment so much...=). Years later, I continue my studies in Methodist Primary School in Port Klang until I passed my UPSR with flying colours.(=p..LOL). I am a school prefect at that time. (posted a little proud..haha). After that, I continue my studies at Raja Zarina Girls' School in Port Klang until form five in 2009. Here, I took my SPM exams and Alhamdulillah, I satisfied with my result. After a tiring 6 months of holiday, I got an offer from Selangor International Islamic University College (KUIS) and I accepted, where I am now majoring in Human Resource Management. Honestly, my intention is to be a teacher but the programme undertaking does not agree with my ambition. Emmm.. but never mind, now I’m in the second semester and with God willing I will finish my degree in few years and hope to be successful and I will study hard to get what have I dreamed about. Yeay!.=p. Furthermore,I’m already have a new source of inspiration here..oopsss..hee..=p
 At leisure time, I like texting with people. But only with people that I know and I care. hehe.. Other than that, I prefer to spend my free time reading novels. Oh ya, almost forgot, this Augustwill be exactly 19 years old. uwaaa... *(but the first number still ‘1’.LOL). Ehem2! My friends and my lecturer Mr. Shahrul Ridzuan please be alert and don't forget to prepare gift or surprise party for me okay? hehe..=p 
In KUIS, I have my besties which are Sarah and Bella..We are quite close and always go to class together even Sarah is staying in different room. But that shows how strong is the spirit of our friendship.=p. I hope our friendship will endures forever.(don't want quarrel anymore okay?) =) 
 Emmm..Sir, what else you want to know? I don't know what to say anymore here.. I think this is clear enough about,thank you..=) God Bless!